Using SpyWarrior and Cypherdog together provides the ultimate protection


SpyWarrior for your computer protection

Computer infections come in all kinds of forms. And while some infections may do only minimal harm, others can cause crippling damage. For individual users, a malware attack could mean permanently lost files, stolen credentials, and even financial loss. For businesses, a malicious software attack could halt operations, lead to significant data breaches, and cause millions of dollars in damages. It is estimated that the total cost of ransomware in 2021 was $20 billion. The number is expected to rise to $265 billion by 2031.

We understand that avoiding cyber threats can be very challenging, even impossible in some cases. But in today’s cyberspace, with threats becoming increasingly more sophisticated, becoming a victim is more dangerous than ever. So the question is, what can you do about it?

A good anti-virus program is essential if you want to protect yourself from malware and the damage such infections can cause. And SpyWarrior is more than just a good anti-virus program. SpyWarrior provides the finest security for your computer for a malware-free experience.


SpyWarrior can and will protect your device from a wide range of infections, including adware, browser hijackers, spyware, keyloggers, botnets, rootkits, trojans, and ransomware. Real-time protection will prevent malware from entering, while a full scan will detect malware that has managed to sneak in unnoticed.

SpyWarrior’s most important feature is protection against ransomware. There’s likely no need to introduce this particular threat as it has become quite notorious in the last 5 years. But ransomware threats have only gotten worse and not only do they now take files hostage, but they also threaten to leak the files if a ransom is not paid.

According to statistics, a staggering 77% of ransomware attacks carried out in the first quarter of 2021 also threatened to leak data. So backing up data and having a recovery plan is no longer enough. This is where SpyWarrior comes in. Artificial technology integrated within SpyWarrior allows the program to immediately detect a malicious process that intends to encrypt files. The program will instantly halt the process and remove the infection before it can do any damage.

SpyWarrior already has a significant threat database. And because it’s continually updated with new threats, it can stay on top of its game when it comes to detecting malware.

SpyWarrior can deal with the following:

  • minor threats (e.g. adware and spyware);
  • malware (e.g. trojans and viruses);
  • ransomware;
  • privacy issues.

Cypherdog for your privacy

SpyWarrior’s companion security tool is Cypherdog. To put it simply, Cypherdog provides encryption services. It offers three main services: File Exchange & Storage, e-mail encryption, and a Messenger app. All three are developed with complete privacy in mind.

Cypherdog’s main goal is to ensure that communication between you and the recipient stays between you, whether you’re using email, Cypherdog’s Messenger, or the File Exchange & Storage app. Whatever data is sent or received by you will be encrypted and can be opened using a private key. The key is available only in the Cypherdog application. You will be the only one with access to it.

It should also be mentioned that Cypherdog has no access to the data and does not take part in the encryption/decryption process. This means that it cannot access files being sent or received. Whatever data you receive, it’s for your eyes only.

This also means that if you lose your private key, its backup, or your password, Cypherdog cannot help you recover your data or gain access to your account. And if you’re worried about data leaks, don’t be! Public keys that are used to encrypt files and messages being sent are stored in distributed registers using blockchain technology.

Cypherdog also allows you to confirm someone’s identity using a QR code, whether you’re using File Exchange & Messenger, or doing a face-to-face meeting. When exchanging files or meeting someone, you can be completely certain they are who they claim to be.

When using Cypherdog, everything about your communications will be completely private. Cypherdog will not know who you are contacting, what files you send, or how long the communication lasts. It will also have no access to address books and files stored in cloud storage, on local disks, or when they’re being transferred.

Cypherdog is also not interested in knowing anything about you. Your IP address, location, logs, mobile phone number, connections, etc., will not be collected.

Lastly, with Cypherdog, you can encrypt your files locally on your device. Whether you’re keeping sensitive files or simply want your files to be for your eyes only, you can easily encrypt them. And if you do not want to keep your files locally, you can store them in Cypherdog’s encrypted cloud.

Taking all of the above into account, it can be said that Cypherdog protects you against the following:

  • economic (and foreign) espionage and data theft;
  • business email compromise;
  • a new generation of ransomware with double extortion;
  • invoice hacking;
  • data leaks.

Using SpyWarrior and Cypherdog together provides the ultimate protection

Protecting yourself from malicious threats and ensuring your complete privacy are both equally important things in today’s cyberspace. And there’s no need to prioritize one or the other. If you want to cover all bases, why not allow SpyWarrior to take care of your computer while Cypherdog will secure your privacy? Together, SpyWarrior and Cypherdog will provide the ultimate protection, securing you on all accounts.

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