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Ultra Security.
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Sometimes one product is not enough to provide complete security for your computer and for your online data. This one deal includes two products that will cover you completely, whether you're using your computer or sending emails/files.

Get SpyWarrior Get CypherDog

Together, we have created the ultimate security solution for you.


SpyWarrior CypherDog

Thank you for purchasing the licenses for SpyWarrior and CypherDog. You can now use all of SpyWarrior and CypherDog's features.

SpyWarrior SpyWarrior license key:


SpyWarrior CypherDog license key:


To activate SpyWarrior, open the SpyWarrior application, click on "Settings", then "My Account" and type in your license key. If you require additional assistance, you can find more information on how to activate SpyWarrior on the official website.

You can manage your license in the "Members Area". Simply log in to your profile using the credentials that you received in your email.

Still Don't Have CypherDog? Please download here

If you experience any issues with CypherDog, please contact tech support department via Alternatively, you can contact CypherDog using contact form.

Benefits of having Cypherdog and SpyWarrior in one package


  • Protect against adware, browser hijackers, trojans, worms, scamware, viruses, malware, ransomware to stay safe;
  • Guarantee real-time protection
  • Provide a very lightweight program that will not hog your system’s resources and will positively impact your computer’s performance

Cypherdog E-mail Encryption

  • Protect against serious cyberthreats such as ransomware, invoice hacking, data leaks, and economic espionage to keep your data safe
  • Guarantee a zero-knowledge security model so that we or anyone unauthorized cannot recover your encrypted data or gain access to your account
  • Provide real end-to-end encryption so that no one can decrypt your files without the private key found only in the recipient’s Cypherdog application

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Keep your system healthy

Warrior grade security!